Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wishing a Maxi Wish!

F21 bunny headband, Re-Shoppe Maxi Dress, unbranded pearly ruffles Cardigan, Longchamp Cabas in Rouge, Crocs Hanalei Wedges

Horraayy...!!Akhirnyaa....bisa kembali merasakan weekend bersama sang kekasih ;)
It's hard to happen because this long distance relationship thing..Even though Bandung and Jakarta wasn't that far anymore since there's Cipularang and I can touch Jakarta for only about 2 hours or even 1 hours and half! But, there's so many complicated things which sometimes makes me couldn't see him.

Sabtu Pagi..
  • Gym at Fitness First : Body Balance Exercise together :) I was about giving up for some hard move on this exercise but when I saw him at my side did the move hardly but enjoy it and smile for me, suddenly like I have tons power and being spirited again..Errr, perhaps that's what people said miracle hehehe lebaiii...
Sabtu Siang..
  • Lunch at one kind of place that he had told me like hundreds, not because it has vey tasty menu or very nice place but because it's unique! It's located at one side of Plaza Semanggi (have no idea where exactly it is hehehe have to ask my boyfriend first) on the top of a building like a bridge. The dishes are ordinary like Food Court but in cramped and a lil bit dirty place. My boyfriend said that it is Plaza Semanggi's employee canteen or something like that. I said it's Sky Dining for employee hehehe..
    I ordered Ayam Goreng Penyet Complete for Rp.11.000, rasanya sih biasa aja tapi satu hal yang bikin gw bisa tetap menikmati makan siang gw adalah sambelnya yang peedeess! :) My boyfriend had Rawon for him and he didn't said anything about the taste. Not good but not bad at all. The only thing we complain is the stinging smell of kinda old iron which accompany us during the lunch.
Sabtu Sore..
  • It's shopping time! Yay!! I am lucky, Centro 7th Anniversary Sale was being held when I was there. The most thing makes me happy is my boyfriend allowed me to do shop and accompany me during the shopping spree. Horraayy..!!
Sabtu Malam..
  • We were had planned to watch movie but then it's being cancelled because we are exhausted. So we went home right after shopping with tired but happy faces. :-)
"I wish this pleasing moment will be happened again in the future..
I wish!

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