Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great night with Ai.. :)

Watching the A team with Ai..what a great night..
Smile..smile..smile.. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Thanks to Opera cosmetic for the free make up trial and photo session with Kimono when they launched their product in Bandung last year.. =)
ouuhh..I almost forget that I have these photos..

with Kak Joe and Kak mcy after had fun at Opera..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy Day...

It is a rainy lovely day.. :)
I'm waiting for my boyfriend Ai..
And yes!!It's Friday..!!yay..!! Have a wonderfull weekend everybody...!

Stila oh Stila...

If you ask me, am I a fan of Stila? I would say I don't know...
I don't remember when the first time I bought Stila and or when the the first time I'm fallin' for Stila..Suddenly I'm just realized that I have lot of Stila make up tools in my desk..
I'm not a make up pro, so I will just saying anything based on my experience with this products.
The most I love from Stila is their Smudge Pot..!! It's an eyeliner/shadow in gel. It has all the smudge proof, bold and great tekstur!! I love love this eyeliner everytime I wear it! It's so easily to glide on my eyes. And the colors, you'll love it!! =)
I love how Stila always give a cute packaging to steal the ladies heart...
So, all I can say about it's other products is great cute packaging..!! Hihihiii...
There's no professional comment from me about the eyeshadow, lipglaze, lipstick, bronzing, blush or etc but all I can say is still great great great!! And it's more than enough for an amateur but make up addict like me hehehehe.... The long lasting, the color collection, etc..everything are great..!!

Some of my Stila's palette..

The great Stila Smudge Pot Gel liner...

Some accessories I got from Stila...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Batik Day

So this was the outfit I worn at last year Batik Day (Oct 2nd, 2009)..
When million of people in Indonesia wore Batik at that day, even some "bule" did!! =)
I have promise my self to hunt more batik and as a support for Indonesia's Batik, I will put Batik as my must have fashion item...
Go Batik yay!! I love your beauty rich pattern and natural colors!!

me and him on batik :)

Peach Wallpaper Peach

COTTON ON dress, unbranded earings, bracelet
and belt

Have you ever went to a wedding but you did not know the bride or the groom?? hehe I did!!
It's a friend of my friend's friend's wedding..hahaha.. My friend ask me to accompany her to wedding, because her friend ask her to go but she didn't know the brides too.. (the bride are friend of her friend!!yahaa!!) Hehehe...now you see how far this relation haha..
I have no clue at all who's the bride and the groom..But I'm happy for them and wish the best for their married.. =)

I Heart Kebaya

Worn this at my best friend wedding...I think I need more and more....hehe
Lot's of wedding invitation and I'm to bored to wear a dress..
*pardon the unhidden sandal behind me ;p

mom's kebaya and batik mermaid skirt, mischelle shoes

And this Kebaya I worn at my graduation ceremony..
I'm just realised that his tie is match to my my Kebaya's color because it's have a deep gold nuance in it's stripes.. not to clear in this picture sih..hehe

mom's kebaya and mermaid batik skirt

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunny Day with Traffic Jam!!

So I got this wedding invitation from my friend at office. The wedding held in a place near the Lanud Sulaiman at Kopo. My friends told me that it would be a long trip and took at least 2 hours from our meeting point, Gina's house at Jl.Kenari ( Near by Hyatt Hotel and Bandung Indah Plaza). I've been in Bandung for 8 years and never been to Kopo before, so this is my first :D

You know what?! my friends are absolutely right!!
I had a loooooonnnnggg trip, with all the sun heat and traffic!! OMG!! How could the people in here go to their work place everyday in the middle of city? EVERY DAY with TRAFFIC!! That's the reason why I dont want to work at Jakarta and loves Bandung very much! ;-)

Uhhh...I think I spend the whole day for this trip. Tired....
New adventure for my weekend! hehe

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yoga at Jiwa Spa Hilton Bandung Hotel

So I got this lucky change to tried the Yoga trial at Jiwa Spa in Hilton Bandung.
Actually, this is my first for yoga. All the time I heard Yoga I always imagine people who sit around and close their hand together like Buddha and do meditation. Thought that it's so relax and would help me to make my day..
But I was wrong!! Hahaha.. I get shocked when the instructor said that we will do Yoga Sport and not meditation! Gleekk.... Never heard that, never thought of that, never guess it!! Ohh no!! Ternyata ada yah Yoga yang seperti ini...Tiddaakk...Ini artinya bakal olahraga pegel2 nihh..huhu..
Well, I'm already here and must do this.. :(

But.....apparently, I am happy during the exercise.
Yeah...it made my belly, thigh, and all my body getting stretch and stiff but it relaxed at the same time..hhmmm... I think I'm kinda like this Sport..hehehe....
Oh ya!! Need to told you about the last part which the best part when the instructor ask us to sleep..Yes!!Sleep!! It's just about 10 minutes but it was the best sleep I ever had for these several last months!! Like you never been sleep for months and when you sleep..you sleep so tight... Woohoo.... =)

So, if you have time to spend your weekend in Bandung, why don't you try any treatment at Jiwa Spa in Hilton Bandung Hotel..?
Not only Yoga, anything you want for Relax are there for you.. I promise you will like the atmosphere at your first step in there..!! :)

pics credit to www.lissersoft.com

Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Meet Roses

Unbranded red stripe Blazer, two tones Shirt and Gold Belt, Perlini's Silver Butterfly Necklace, Cotton On Flyn Roses Legging, Longchamp Cabas in Rouge, FlexiFlats Pink Shoes

Two tones shirt detail, black on the back! really love it!! :)

Look!Look!! my foldable shoes from FlexiFlats, it's very comfy and lightweight so u can bring it anywhere!!
Flexi Flats are It's a cute little pair of shiny comfy flats that you can bring in your bag in a cute little pouch. Kick off those killer heels and gives your foot a rest on the way home and just fold out the pouch and voilaa...you'll getting a tote to keep your heels when you wear the flats =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gundah Gulana.. :(

It's been two weeks since the last time I meet Ai and he told me about the bad fact we must face.
Feel like the gravitation was gone and I can't step my foot on the ground anymore..
I can't sleep well, eat and smile and big laugh like before... :(

You said that I'm a strong girl..
That I can deal with this situation..

Don't you know..??
That you're my power??
So you know what is the end, rite?

Prince of Persia : The Sand Of Time (2010)

So..what should I say about this movie..
I've been watching it for 3 times!! Hahahahahaha..

First time is when there's NoBar event from office..
I have no clue at all 'bout this movie even I think that I have heard it before and wonder where and what this is about.
For about 2 weeks, Not as usual that I always search for the new movies, watch the trailler, and also the review but this time I dont have passion at all.
It's been hectic days, nothing to think about except the jobs...

But My friends ask me to join and promise me the movie would be great!! yeaahh..
So, after tell Ai 'bout the movie and ask him if He want to watch the movie and I have to wait him to come to Bandung and watch together like we always did or if he doesn't and I could join my friends. And he said he don't like the movie, so I attended the NoBar at Blitz Megaplex PVJ..

Omg, I was so happy during the show..Hahahahhaha
Somehow, The movie is so funny in some way.. =)
Seemed like other audience have the same humor taste so the theater was full of laugh. Hehehe
It's so entertain us, especially me for relax and forget the hectic.
yes, thanks to Gina who force me to watch this movie..
Have to admit that The Movie is really Great!!! All the comedy, romance and conflict are fit together and completed with great actors and actris..
Ohhh....I heart Jake so much!! He is so cute, handsome and macho...!! ;)

Second times,
Ai was in town at the next week, I never stop told him about the movie that it was so great!!
Then he finally interest and ask me to watch the movie..hehehehe..
It' ok darling..I want to see Jake once again.. ^.^
And...after watched the movie, Ai is agree with me that the movie was great and he like it!!
During the conversation with him, finally I realized where I heard the movie title before.. Ohhh...it's from a computer game when I was a little kid hehehe...

Third times,
Again on the next week after, My dear close friend Mcy and her sister are came to Bandung..
They want to rewatch the movie and offer me to join, and that's the only way I could see them because they only have 2 days and must spend time with their Grandma while I have to work too.. So we run out the time and I don't mind to see Jake again hahaahahaha... So, That's the third!! wow!!
This is my record for watching movie again and again and again after Home Alone!!
I do rewatching when I am bore but usually it's for TV show series like Friend (always success makes me laugh and help me to break from hard day), The OC, Gossip Girl( to see the fashion), etc.
But this time, it's a movie and I watched it over and over in theater not dvd!! Hahahaha (I don't know why am I laughing haha) Should my life will be great like this movie! :)

Story behind the party...

Late Posting...

Actually, that day (May 24th, 2010) when Hilton 1st anniversary was held was my boyfriend Ai's birthday too..
He was at Bandung from 1 day before and went back to Jakarta at the night when Hilton party was held.
I did really want together with him at the party but since it was a private party so I couldn't. So he just drop me to Hilton and will be back to pick me up when the party was over at 9 pm and he could back to jkt at 10. That was the plan, but when he came back at 9 pm, the party wasn't over yet so we decided to say little goodbye to each other at the moment and he just went without took me home first and I will be home by myself then.

I don't know why I'm so sad that night when he went back to Jakarta, like I will miss him forever..
He was so nice at those two days we spend together and as usual he never ask me special things for his birthday.
Not like me who always want so many many many things from him hehehe
He just said that belong together with me is enough to make him happy at that day..uuhhh...so touching my heart..hiks..
Now I realize why I love you more each day sayangku...

Dear you,
The light of my life..

Happy Birthday to you
Wishing you all the wonderfull things in your life...
Semoga panjang umur, sukses dan sehat selalu sayang..

Love you,

Vine (like u always call my name)

2AM. May 25th, 2010.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lady Rockstar wannabe

Late posting...

Some picture from Hilton Bandung 1st Anniversary at May 24th, 2010..
Oia..the dresscode are RockStarDut when you can choose to wear Rockstar costume theme or Stardut (Dangdut Star) or just combine it!! :) and you know.. There's a prize for the best costume at the event! yay..!! And also so many door prize and Grand Prize!!
Yay..!! I was so exciting for the day and the outfit but the problem is my uhukk uhuukk still at highest level and my fever..ohh....makes my pillow hot hot hot!! Really Need my shawl always stay on my neck. :(

Because of my condition, I couldn't ran my plan A to hunt the outfit and win!
So I just shop at some online store and mix and match it with my old clothes which I think define the rockstar look.. Yes!! Lady Rockstar wannabe,, hehehe

fashion land black hat hair clip, LittleLotta Latex Jacket, unbranded pirate necklace, Studded vest, lace dress, & V-neck studded dress (Yes! I worn 2 dresses and 1 vest & 1 jacket so totally 4 layers hahaha) , fashionista rip legging, Tony Bianco Gold studded black Shoes, Glomesh red vintage bag, and Stila black rose wear as hand band

Happy to be the finalist and selected to be big 5 =) even I didn't won the 1st place and won the prize =)
Ohh ohhhh!! I won the door prize!! It's a voucher to stay at Putri Gunung Hotel at Lembang..Hahaha Aku memang pengen voucher nginep tp bukan di Lembang tp di Conrad Bali!!! yaa yaa yaa I know it to much 'cause it's the Grand Prize. And Grand Proze always only for one super lucky person!! And for this case, that wasn't me.
But still..thanks God for everything tonite..such a wonderfull nite!!
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