Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hope for the best..

Hello... It's been a while since my last post..I have so many to share but dont know where to start.. So many things happened in these early months of 2012, both the good and the bad. Something really big is going on, something that i don't know to feel about..either i should feel grateful or sorry.. But one thing for sure, i'm ready. I will go with the flow, hope for the best. even the worst happens, i'll be strong and make it a good thing for me. Cause i have promise for my self when facing 2012 that i'll never ever again let anything or anyone make me down. 

I always wondering, why people do the bad thing to others, why people so intend to hurt another person.. Don't they have children or parents or siblings who they don't want to get the same bad treatment? The pleasure you have from the success of oppress others, isn't that worthless? Have you ever thinking that someday, maybe you will meet each other again, maybe in different situation, maybe you really need their help.. And when it comes, you are the one with the greatest regret.

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