Saturday, March 19, 2011

The stylish Kids..

Still, at the last day of Sony Step Up Leader Roadshow I found one interesting thing, that so many stylish kids around me at Paris Van Java...They went there with their parents, walking around and shopping! There you go, some of them...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Step Up your Life..!

Hi people....!!! Long time no see....I miss you!
Been so busy lately, didn't even have time to watch tv or read a book or doing scrubbing like I usually do in my spare time. I'm currently participating on Step Up Leader Contest held by Sony VAIO and last sunday was the last day of the 14-day roadshow. Yes, it's 14 days in 3 weeks at 4 diferent places. Ouhh, I'm really tired divided my time for the contest and the other thing which also basicly important : my work. Nevertheless, I am still happy because among the 3-week roadshow I could take my anual leave from office for one week just for concentrated on the contest and it also means refreshing for me.. I feel like I'm on vacation, not doing the office routine,and feel other experience on my days..And guess what .. Ai comes two times on two weekends and we have great time together, including finding a new place as an escape place When We need a little silence. I should not tell you where it is, so it will be still "our escape place" hehehe..

Now, I'm back to my daily activities at office and stay awaits the announcement of result from the contest...Wish me luck guys! :)

Unbranded tank top, bangles & cardigan, LM for Hardware Tank Dress, Dorothy Perkins Flap Bag, Crocs Hanalei, Casio Watch

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