Thursday, April 29, 2010

My New babiessss..!! Yay...!!!

Hey you....I'm speachless for these few days..
I got so many (yay..!!) babies.... :D
It started by my dreamy Longchamp cabas in Rouge and then shoes from Rubi (Sexy Hot Coral!), Crocs Mc Call Winter in Plum ( sadly I have to let this babe go 'cause it's too big for my foot hehe) and this FlexiFlats Foldable shoes ( I heart this one!! hope it will available in Indo...I need more shoes like this!!)

Then F21 pretty acid pink shawl, Rubi TW, and finally Cotton On flower cute and comfortable legging.. :)
I think this CO legging is my HG legging for now, ouhh will buy more legging from there..!!hehehe are you trying to kill you self vina?!

Errr...I will tell you more tomorrow 'cause got to tired tonight...
tight sleep lovers... And Look!! My New Longchamp Cabas in Rouge!! Yay!!


machygo said...

hey strawberry!!
shopping-shopping-and shopping wae'...

i thought that was a tiger legging,but when i look closer,,gyaa!!it is flowers!!

better check my eyes to an eye doctor ASAP,,with my litte girl sashy!! :p

mironari said...

hehehee....yes it's flower!!
I love love flower print better than animal print.. :)
And now, flowers are so in!!yay!! makes me happy and bokek hahaha

btw, baru nyadar ada comment ini hihi
miss you doct!!

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