Saturday, October 2, 2010

Batik Day!!

This year is the 2nd celebration of Batik Day since the last year the goverment stated the October 2nd as Indonesia's Batik Day.

I'm not going anywhere today, although I have a lot of things to do and places to go but I can't help myself for being sleepy all this day...hooaaeem....
Therefore, I spend most of today to sleep sleep and sleep :))

I miss my boyfriend so much.... :(
Last year, we could spend the day happy together worn batik.
But, today he is in Sukabumi doing rafting with his office mate and I'm in Bandung.
Should be meet him tonite at Jakarta when he's back from Sukabumi but I'm too sleepy n tired to go there at this night and must be back in Bandung tomorrow.
So I decided to catch him up at the next weekend, but now I feel so lonely.... :(

It's us when attend our friend Dola&Ivor wedding last weekend..
Hmm...even we couldn't celebrate batik day at today just like last year, lets prevent that we celebrate it last week.
An earlier celebration ^_*

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