Friday, October 29, 2010

Ms. June Batik form Omma Anna

Are you drooling for Batik?? Are you love to skecth?? Then, this Omma Anna Skecth Book is the answer!! I can't control my heartbeat when I saw that collection this morning, ouuhh I was about jump into those pretty stuff! Thanks to euvoria who's get me know about this heaven..hehe yeah..I like Batik very much!! Now I'm confused to decide which one to buy coz I love all of them...!! -.-
Perhaps I will adopt this :
or maybe this :

or maybe this hot mega mendung hehe

Errr..but I like this songket too!!

Ohh but, this colorfull one is wink wink at me from our first sight!

OOhhhhhh NO!!!! I have no reason to not buy them!!! Help me please....
Just look at some thier pretty colloection below...How can you not falling in love?

So, Visit the store at here and grab yours!! :)

*all the picture was taken from Omma Anna


TigerLily said...

the second pic from below, i love them both, get those ones! hehe ;)

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The other blog:

Vina Mironari said...

hi..thanks for stopping by..
I love all of them..!!hahaha

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