Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm about desperate.....

and become happy!! when I know that I got CFA Front Row Seat Invitation from their twitter @cleo_indonesia!Yayyy!!!!! Finally...!! :)) I'm going to Cleo Fashion Award!!

unbranded top and blazer, Homma skinny jeans and Aigner postman bag


TigerLily said...

Nice blazer, love the color!
Congrats on the front row seat, wow!
I will be covering JFW too on my blog, maybe i'll see you there? ;)

The fashion blog:http://twothousandthings.blogspot.com
The other blog:http://tigerlilysbook.blogspot.com

Vina Mironari said...

Yay..!! Hayuukk kita ketemu... :)
Kamu yg masuk semifinalis lomba blog jfw bukan? congratz yaa..that must be really fun!! envy you... :)

shinta hawa thandari said...

nice blazer.. where did you get those? :)

rubic style

Vina Mironari said...

Hi Shinta..thanks for visiting my blog.. :)
I got the blazer from Online Store on Multiply about 4 years ago..hehe
Thank youu...

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