Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lady Rockstar wannabe

Late posting...

Some picture from Hilton Bandung 1st Anniversary at May 24th, 2010..
Oia..the dresscode are RockStarDut when you can choose to wear Rockstar costume theme or Stardut (Dangdut Star) or just combine it!! :) and you know.. There's a prize for the best costume at the event! yay..!! And also so many door prize and Grand Prize!!
Yay..!! I was so exciting for the day and the outfit but the problem is my uhukk uhuukk still at highest level and my fever..ohh....makes my pillow hot hot hot!! Really Need my shawl always stay on my neck. :(

Because of my condition, I couldn't ran my plan A to hunt the outfit and win!
So I just shop at some online store and mix and match it with my old clothes which I think define the rockstar look.. Yes!! Lady Rockstar wannabe,, hehehe

fashion land black hat hair clip, LittleLotta Latex Jacket, unbranded pirate necklace, Studded vest, lace dress, & V-neck studded dress (Yes! I worn 2 dresses and 1 vest & 1 jacket so totally 4 layers hahaha) , fashionista rip legging, Tony Bianco Gold studded black Shoes, Glomesh red vintage bag, and Stila black rose wear as hand band

Happy to be the finalist and selected to be big 5 =) even I didn't won the 1st place and won the prize =)
Ohh ohhhh!! I won the door prize!! It's a voucher to stay at Putri Gunung Hotel at Lembang..Hahaha Aku memang pengen voucher nginep tp bukan di Lembang tp di Conrad Bali!!! yaa yaa yaa I know it to much 'cause it's the Grand Prize. And Grand Proze always only for one super lucky person!! And for this case, that wasn't me.
But still..thanks God for everything tonite..such a wonderfull nite!!

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