Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prince of Persia : The Sand Of Time (2010)

So..what should I say about this movie..
I've been watching it for 3 times!! Hahahahahaha..

First time is when there's NoBar event from office..
I have no clue at all 'bout this movie even I think that I have heard it before and wonder where and what this is about.
For about 2 weeks, Not as usual that I always search for the new movies, watch the trailler, and also the review but this time I dont have passion at all.
It's been hectic days, nothing to think about except the jobs...

But My friends ask me to join and promise me the movie would be great!! yeaahh..
So, after tell Ai 'bout the movie and ask him if He want to watch the movie and I have to wait him to come to Bandung and watch together like we always did or if he doesn't and I could join my friends. And he said he don't like the movie, so I attended the NoBar at Blitz Megaplex PVJ..

Omg, I was so happy during the show..Hahahahhaha
Somehow, The movie is so funny in some way.. =)
Seemed like other audience have the same humor taste so the theater was full of laugh. Hehehe
It's so entertain us, especially me for relax and forget the hectic.
yes, thanks to Gina who force me to watch this movie..
Have to admit that The Movie is really Great!!! All the comedy, romance and conflict are fit together and completed with great actors and actris..
Ohhh....I heart Jake so much!! He is so cute, handsome and macho...!! ;)

Second times,
Ai was in town at the next week, I never stop told him about the movie that it was so great!!
Then he finally interest and ask me to watch the movie..hehehehe..
It' ok darling..I want to see Jake once again.. ^.^
And...after watched the movie, Ai is agree with me that the movie was great and he like it!!
During the conversation with him, finally I realized where I heard the movie title before..'s from a computer game when I was a little kid hehehe...

Third times,
Again on the next week after, My dear close friend Mcy and her sister are came to Bandung..
They want to rewatch the movie and offer me to join, and that's the only way I could see them because they only have 2 days and must spend time with their Grandma while I have to work too.. So we run out the time and I don't mind to see Jake again hahaahahaha... So, That's the third!! wow!!
This is my record for watching movie again and again and again after Home Alone!!
I do rewatching when I am bore but usually it's for TV show series like Friend (always success makes me laugh and help me to break from hard day), The OC, Gossip Girl( to see the fashion), etc.
But this time, it's a movie and I watched it over and over in theater not dvd!! Hahahaha (I don't know why am I laughing haha) Should my life will be great like this movie! :)


machygo said...

hey dear,,
how about the fourth??

Vina Mironari said...

aaaaaaaahhhhh tidakkkkk.....!!!
Mudah2an udah ga ada di bioskop lagi deh nihh film..
Yang ke-4 nya ntar dvd aja deh hehehehe
Sekarang sih pengen nonton SATC 2. Yuuukk... ;)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.
Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
Love, Cindy.


Hi Bbey..!!
I'm doing great!!
I have visited your blog and it's gorgeous!! =)
and I did following you honey!! :)

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