Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunny Day with Traffic Jam!!

So I got this wedding invitation from my friend at office. The wedding held in a place near the Lanud Sulaiman at Kopo. My friends told me that it would be a long trip and took at least 2 hours from our meeting point, Gina's house at Jl.Kenari ( Near by Hyatt Hotel and Bandung Indah Plaza). I've been in Bandung for 8 years and never been to Kopo before, so this is my first :D

You know what?! my friends are absolutely right!!
I had a loooooonnnnggg trip, with all the sun heat and traffic!! OMG!! How could the people in here go to their work place everyday in the middle of city? EVERY DAY with TRAFFIC!! That's the reason why I dont want to work at Jakarta and loves Bandung very much! ;-)

Uhhh...I think I spend the whole day for this trip. Tired....
New adventure for my weekend! hehe


Ladyulia said...

nice to find this blog


Hello Lady..
It's been pleasure to know you too..
you have a nice blog, love your photos :D

LusianaSiti said...

hey darla, do you know something?? if you want to go to ciwidey, you will pass this way, and still continues...still and still.. :)

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