Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yoga at Jiwa Spa Hilton Bandung Hotel

So I got this lucky change to tried the Yoga trial at Jiwa Spa in Hilton Bandung.
Actually, this is my first for yoga. All the time I heard Yoga I always imagine people who sit around and close their hand together like Buddha and do meditation. Thought that it's so relax and would help me to make my day..
But I was wrong!! Hahaha.. I get shocked when the instructor said that we will do Yoga Sport and not meditation! Gleekk.... Never heard that, never thought of that, never guess it!! Ohh no!! Ternyata ada yah Yoga yang seperti ini...Tiddaakk...Ini artinya bakal olahraga pegel2 nihh..huhu..
Well, I'm already here and must do this.. :(

But.....apparently, I am happy during the exercise. made my belly, thigh, and all my body getting stretch and stiff but it relaxed at the same time..hhmmm... I think I'm kinda like this Sport..hehehe....
Oh ya!! Need to told you about the last part which the best part when the instructor ask us to sleep..Yes!!Sleep!! It's just about 10 minutes but it was the best sleep I ever had for these several last months!! Like you never been sleep for months and when you sleep so tight... Woohoo.... =)

So, if you have time to spend your weekend in Bandung, why don't you try any treatment at Jiwa Spa in Hilton Bandung Hotel..?
Not only Yoga, anything you want for Relax are there for you.. I promise you will like the atmosphere at your first step in there..!! :)

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