Sunday, November 14, 2010

Casual Cool by Cotton Ink

Do you know that Cotton Ink has released their mini collection???
And have you know what it is???
If you just said no, then I'm here to telling you.. :)
It's Casual Cool!!
This is the first time, I do really really falling in love with Cotton Ink. Yeah, usually I'm just flattering their shawl collection. But now, suddenly I feel like...I have to buy all of them! One color of each design offered!! Hahaha..I think I'm gonna bankrupt!
So, here the list of my favorite :

1. Luxe Viscose Twotone Dress => Check!! :D

Luxe Viscose Twotone Dress on the LookBook
A simple and understated loose dress in viscose beige and black. The super smooth and fluid viscose jersey creates a nice drape to your body. A twist to the classic LBD - this twotone dress can be worn casually with tights. Dress it up with jewellery and stilletos for cocktail party in the weekends.
Actually, I was desperate for always saw Out Of Stock with red highlight on CI website. You can call me crazy, but it's true that the first thing I did when I wake up in the morning was checking and checking the website from my iPhone hope someday I will find it's available. Poorly, it never comes to me.. :(
Until someday, I've got message from one of FD'er offering me to adopt her Two Tone Blouse!! Yayyy..!!! It's still brand new!! She just sold it coz it doesn't fit her on the way she likes. :D
Finally....!! All I can say is that I'm really lucky! I wasn't in vain for been waiting for this gorgeous dress, it's feel very soft (maybe because it's viscose!) and just fit me perfectly.. :) Believe me, I worn it the day after I got it and I worn it again on the next day! hahaha..!! Oh ya, I was also wearing this dress at Cleo Fashion Award and wish Cotton Ink to be the winner. That's I'm so glad they made it! BIG YAY!!

2. Luxe Viscose OffWhite Boxy Blouse

Luxe Viscose Offwhite Boxy Blouse on the LookBook
A very smooth and comfortable boxy blouse with luxe viscose fabric. The boxy blouse features batwing sleeves with round neckline and slightly longer at sides . Dress it up with chunky jewellery or pair it with your favorite jeans or leggings.
Look at those pictures! A perfect cut and shape of a dream white blouse, isn't it? It's flow perfectly with an extra smooth note! Unfortunately, it's always always always Out Of Stock!! :(
Dear Cotton Ink, please restock it.....

3. Luxe Althea Viscose Midnight Blue Dress

Luxe Althea Viscose Midnight Blue Dress on the LookBook
A chic and elegant dress in luxe viscose fabric - perfect for a night in town or parties. The midnight blue color creates a regal yet elegant look. The Althea Dress features raglan sleeve with draperies in raw edges, with beautiful front drapery with shorter front hem. Althea dress has loose silhouette - wear it with your favorite belt to give more definition to the waist.
I'm totally agree with the description at the website, it is perfect for a night in town or parties. A chic and elegan dress. It's absolutely a Dress to go with super comfy experience. Pair it with skinny belt and tight with heels is perfect for my night and maybe I will pair it only with chuncky necklace and a cute flats shoes together with my favorite tote bag for my casual day..

4. Dusty Berry V-Neck Cardi

Dusty Berry V-neck cardigan with belt in same fabric. Perfect for everyday outerwear - wear it with any of your favorite clothes. Complete with the matching belt, you can create more looks by knotting the belt in the front, side, or back. The V-neck cardigan features deep V neckline, button closures, batwing sleeves, gathers at hemline and separate belt.

For a red color fans like me, dusty berry color from Cotton Ink is absolutely a must have! And it's cardigan with versatile design!! No doubt, it's Double Must Have!! :D

Go check them out on the website and grab your favorite while it's lasts !! You can also follow them on twitter @cottonink.

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PS : all the pictures are courtesy of Cotton Ink

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