Monday, November 15, 2010

On Eyeing : Nikicio for Centro Collection

Woohhooo...I went directly as soon as I can to Centro website as I read Centro 'n Nikicio tweet this morning that the Price List of Nikicio for Centro is now available as you could see here. To be honest, I've been spying on them in last few days. :D How could I wouldn't??

Nina, the Creative Director said that for this collection, it's still classic, long lasting and comfortable like usual but with affordable price!! Wooooowww...!!
This is like brought the runway collection directly to us, the mass.
Now you can easily get Nikicio colection, fit them directly on your body, just as easy as you go to Centro!! Oopss.. don't forget to bring your Centro Friends Card when you go shopping to adding your points..Yiihaaaa...!!!

Look..!!Look!! Hooaaahhhh....Really want THESE...!!!!

1. The No.1 on the List!!
Beige/Black Rayon Raglan Dress

I always love how the beige color give impact on my's like my second skin which give me the vibrant on my look.

2. The It Shawl..

4 Color Rayon Big Stole

It's rainy almost every night in Bandung. Thought that this shawl will absolutely complete your warm outfit. Are u agree?

3. The Cut Out on Nude..
Rayon Draped Top, Cut Out Nude Legging

From the picture, it looks like the usual legging with nude color. But hey, if you take a look more closely or see it directly on you will get the difference. The cu out is kinda cute for me.. :)

4. The Pants...

Denim Black Jersey Pants pairs with Pure White Cotton Frill Shirt & White Textured Jersey Blazer

The pants is really comfort yet stylish and the cutting is just great! The most surprised me is the textured on white jersey blazer. It's pretier in real life, I bet you! :)

5. The Chambray Family.. :)

Light Chambray Shirt Dress & Dark Chambray Frill Shirt

Chambray is one of my favorite material for clothes, you only need a simple design to make it gorgeous like this shirt dress and frill shirt. So simple, so stunning!


michelle_ said...

heya ! thanks for stopping by at my blog :)

your compliments made me smile :) sooo thanks ! hehe.. lain kali say hi aja kalo ktemu :D

i love this nikicio collection too !

Marcella Cornelia said...

love this collection too..
especially the jersey blazer :D

Vina Mironari said...

michelle : thanks for visitting too!
you're such a nice person :)

iya, lain I would say hello to you :)

Marcella : hei :)
I love the nude dress at the first pict..hehe

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