Saturday, April 2, 2011

Echanting Batik..

As I promise you before, I'll post my look when I'm wearing Mimo's batik. This is it....!!

1. Thursday - the lovely Kinar skirt
I paired grey kinar that I had with a fuchsia shirt from The Executive..such a lovely couple.. :))
Kinar have a sash which can be tied to back side to be a pretty ribbon.

2. Friday - the cute Gadis tank top
I got a formal appearance with a touch of sweet batik, Gadis is absolutely as sweet as her name.
Although the color is pink, the stripe pattern successfully give me the formal tone while the batik combination just play around and makes the top really pretty. Kinda like it, my sweetest tank top ever! Oh ya, on this photo I pair it wth Atmosphere pants & thrifted blazer.

3. Saturday - the Goddess Dewi top
Yeahh....I must went to office at saturday cuz we have to prepare some matters regarding to the Big thing which will come to our office on Monday. It doesn't make me down but precisely made me so excited because I had a chance to wear Dewi to the office! yay!! :D
Moreover, I don't have any events or important things on this weekend..Not even a date...huhuhu...but well, our relationship is fine. He just has a family gathering. So it's perfectly ok for me and we called it "pas banget..." hehehe..
Back to Dewi..Actually the row of buttons located on the back but I purposely wore it reversed for creating a formal impression, the back side at the front and vice versa.. :)
Voillaaaa....Now Dewi becoming the shirt with buttons..!! :D Just pair it with my another Atmosphere black pants.


TigerLily said...

I like your style, tres-chic :)

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Vina Mironari said...

Thanks Yuri...! :D

nedsi said...


nedsi said...

Great post! Blogging is actually a work and I like very much your blogging

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