Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Beyybee on April :D

Look!! Look!! Look what I got today.....Those are my new babiessss :)
Mostly from Mimo, my most favorite batik clothing. Not the ordinary, they have cute n simple design with a touch of batik which is the best part of it. :)
I think I'm in love with this brand.... :D

It's Gadis Pink & Black at the top and my lovely Dewi Blue!! hihihi.. Gadis is a tank top with stripe patern as the basic with batik perca at the upper front while Dewi is a simple top with a hint of batik at the neckline, bottom line and the arm.

There you go...It's Ratih & Citra...Both of them is a top with gorgeous cutting & design. You'll see it later, I promise you I will post my photo when I wear it.

And the last collection from Mimo that I have is : The famous & most wanted "Kinar". As beautiful as her name, this skirt is very pretty & lovely. I bet you will like it instanly when you tryit. :D
This shirt is from Cotton Ink, the "Oversize Shirt in Barely Blush". Got it from one of fashionesedaily member but unfortunately it doesn't fit me better. Seems like I would sell it :(

Tomorrow, I'll post my look when I wear Mimo's! Can't wait!! :D I'll wear it to office for weekend..cciaaaoo...


TigerLily said...

Hi, I'm just blog walking here..
By the way itu batik Mimo nya bagus bagus banget siih, kayanya pernah denger namanya tapi lupa dimana. Bisa dibeli dimana itu say? di FB yah?

Thank you :)

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Vina Mironari said...

Hi Mba Yuri..Iya di fb ada, tp aku belinya di fd mba...hihi emang bagus2 bangetttt...!!tiap bulan pasti ada aja yg dibeli -__-

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