Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gina's Wedding Day

Attending Gina & Eri wedding day two weeks ago..
I was worn my Own Design Kebaya and Maxi Skirt.. :) I love the tradition of "seragam nikah" where we, the friends, could wear the same theme outfit with various design according to our each taste. And me of course, so excited to make my design to be real. I'm so happy when I know my design is ready to wear after waiting for a month for production. I immediately went there and my smile widened when I finally touch and try it on me... hehehe...
The idea of the design is a kebaya gown, but I still want to had kain batik as the bottom sometimes so instead of one piece kebaya gown, I decide to made long kebaya as a top and mix it with same color tone maxi skirt. As Gina give me the material for kebaya, bustier and kain batik for bottom so I had to bought another material for the skirt.
So glads it's fits me well, I was affraid to wear a mxi skirt or maxi dress before because of this petite body ;p
Then I read the tips on how to wear maxi for petite...
First, wear a maxi which its length almost cover half of your shoes or even more long so it will cover all over your shoes to make a taller impression..
2nd, wear a high heels or in my case a comfy wedges to help you walk gracefully.. :)

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